Vision and Mission


To provide quality education to students empowering them to become confident and responsible individuals in harmony with our constitutional vision based on the ideals of equality, liberty and social justice.


  1. Provide best educational experiences and stress-free learning environment to students.
  2. Equip students with the skills needed to adapt to the changing global scenario and develop their potential to the benefit of the economy and society.
  3. Create platform for exploring artistic and creative skills of students.
  4. Inculcate strong belief in hard work and core values of gender equality, human rights and ecology among students and make them responsible citizens and good human beings.
  5. Develop and pursue the highest standard in all that we do and promote a climate of continuous improvement.
  6. To play a major role in shaping a democratic, civilized and inclusive society.

Goals/Objectives / Action plans

Activities of the college will be directed towards:

  1. Meeting students’ needs by creating an educational environment in which students can attain a variety of goals.
  2. Encouraging an interactive, collaborative and innovative team of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  3. Seeking input from all sectors of the college and the community.
  4. Advancing learning and research.
  5. Promoting social, educational, cultural and recreational programs and events designed to expand and enhance learner experiences.
  6. Serving local and regional communities.


  • Our Motto is “WORK, WORSHIP, WISDOM” ( W3)
  • Ancient Indian scriptures pronounce three paths for self realisation :
    • The path of work and duty ( Karma Margham)
    • The path of devotion and worship ( BakthiMargham)
    • The path of knowledge and wisdom ( JnanaMargham )
  • These paths are invariably hierarchical in nature and require the wise use of three realms of existence such as Body, Mind and Intellect.
  • The blended union of Body, Mind and Intellect (BMI principle) is an integral aspect of human progress and realisation.

We therefore advocate our learners to follow the Swadharma in their work and duty, selfless devotion to the Supreme Nature which is vital for their existence and the attainment of bliss through their intellect and wisdom  ( SAT-CHIT-ANAND)