Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Government Arts and Science College Kozhinjampara, is constituted as per the guidelines of UGC, to ensure the quality standards in all the academic and non academic activities of the college. Principal is the chairman and a senior teaching faculty is the co ordinator of IQAC. IQAC is the apex body that manages the entire range of activities in achieving the quality of the institution. IQAC provides suggestions to all the departments in carrying out curricular and extra curricular activities. The teacher in-charge of each program initiates the draft of the program and sends it to IQAC for suggestions/modifications and after approval by IQAC it is forwarded to the Principal for final approval. The proposals of IQAC are always based on the updates made by UGC and NAAC. Once a program is conducted in the college, the faculty responsible for the program will send the program report with all the documents including photographs and videos to IQAC after keeping a copy in the parent department. Teaching and learning is a major activity in a higher education institution and teachers play a major role in facilitating effective teaching. 

 IQAC submits suggestions to the Student Union for the planning and implementation of various extra-curricular/co-curricular activities. IQAC will liaise with PTA and Alumni in planning and implementing their activities to ensure quality is maintained. Through the initiatives of IQAC, the activities of statutory and non-statutory bodies, clubs and commissions such as NSS, Women’s Club, Anti-Narcotics Club, etc. are planned and implemented. IQAC ensures that the grievance redressal mechanism is effectively implemented in the institution. IQAC ensures the systematic functioning of the Library Advisory Committee and career guidance of the institution.

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