Research Publications


3.3.1 Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years
Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number Link to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal /Digital Object Identifier (doi) number
YEAR Link to website of the Journal Link to article / paper / abstract of the article Is it listed in UGC Care list
2018 Oroxylum indicum root bark extract prevents doxorubicin- induced cardiac damage by restoring redox balance Seema Menon, Lincy Lawrence, Vipin P. Sivaram, Jose Padikkala Biochemistry Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine 2018 0975-9476 http://elsevier. com/locate/jai m

https://drive. google. com/file/d/1bU NsQz3PXRQtM

WAVqTcJiG9fRP ZDpC3R/view? usp=share_link

2018-19 “Kasada Thapara Mozhi Peyarppukalil Naveenaththuv am” Umamakheswa ri K Department of Tamil Journal of Classic Thamizh (Quarterly International Multilateral thamizh Journal) Vol.6 No.2 April – June 2018 2321-0737 https://drive. google. com/drive/fold ers/1- pBUAosgpDDw H9pyJpN0rLuO4 WhGmeQA? usp=share_link UGC Approved
Thamizh Ilakkiya Varalaru: Puthukkavithai Varalatrup Pathivukalil ‘Kasada Thapara’ Kuriththa Thedal Umamakheswa ri K Department of T Journal of Modern Thamizh Research Vol.6 No.2 April- June 2018 2321-984X

https://drive. google. com/drive/fold ers/1Pus- tApnnpFuD9nN h- Hy3iojV5hdcCD N?


UGC Approved
2021 Malayalam Litera Dr. Soumya Mathew Kutty partment Of Engl Malayalam research Journal 2021 0974-1984 https://drive. google. com/drive/fold ers/1WCOeU60 Sa4hrG6DOFdZI 3J0koFPKhy7y? usp=sharingg YES
Inception of Prin Dr. Soumya Math partment Of Engl JSL 2021 0972-9682 https://drive. google. com/drive/fold ers/1WCOeU60 Sa4hrG6DOFdZI 3J0koFPKhy7y? usp=sharing YES
2022 Perceptions of Customers towards the Lending Practices of Urban Co- operative Banks in Kerala A.K.AMALA Commerce Journal of Management and Entrepreneursh ip

Vol 16. No2s(II),

April-June 2022

ISSN 2229-5343 https://xime. org/jme/jme- home

https://drive. google. com/file/d/12N XNVQGQcsCAM

TpBMe2l0u- DPSHFBsmf/vie w? usp=share_link

UGC Care-list Group-1,Impact Factor,4.257
2023 Protective Effect of Annona muricata Linn Fruit Pulp Lyophilized Powder against Paracetamol- Induced Redox Imbalance and Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Seema Menon, Rasha A. Al- Eisa, Hamida Hamdi, Lincy Lawrence, Vipin

P. Sivaram

Biochemistry Processes SCIE impact factor 2.973 2023 ISSN2227-9717 https://www. mdpi. com/journal/pr ocesses https://drive. google. com/file/d/1VIT JYenbJrDUjrSj5 10XvwBkUH81j LQD/view? usp=share_link YES
2023 samakaleen Hind Dr.Nisha Lekshm Hindi Keral Jyothi 2023 2320-9976 www. keralahindiprac

https://drive. google. com/drive/fold ers/1aD6U93Q mjzNYYRAv9rX9 OyB6Y7p0dWX