Women Cell

The Women Cell of Govt Arts and Science College Kozhinjampara, was started with the aim of
empowering and orienting women to recognise their true potential, and to help them attain a stand in a
highly competitive world. Women Cell promotes holistic development of the students of the college
through events, seminars, workshops, health awareness, personality development and training for skill
formation etc. The motto of the cell is ‘Stronger Together.

1. To empower women students through various socio-cultural activities.
2. To give awareness to the women students about the atrocities against women and takes various
steps to prevent such incidents
3. To impart knowledge on legal rights of women.
4. To enhance self-esteem and self-confidence among women students.
To enlighten the students to create a better and just society, to help them to recognise their true
potential and make their own space in this competitive world.
To encourage female students to be self-reliant and econocally independent. Creating awareness about
the need of gender equality is also one of the missions. Eliminating deep rooted beliefs of gender bias
and discrimination becomes the major goal envisaged by the cell.

Dr. Nisha Lekshmi P
Assistant professor of Hindi Department


Sl No Name of Student Department
1 Athira R MSC Micro biology
2 Akshaya T BA Functional English second year
3 Pooja BA Functional English Second year
4 Sibia angel BA Functional English final year
5 Darshana BA Functional English final year
6 Athira R BSC Microbilogy second year
7 Rihana R Bsc Microbilogy
8 Vaishali Bsc Microbilogy final year
9 Vima BSC Microbilogy final year
10 Darshana M Bcom second year
11 Chethana Bcom Second year
12 Gopika R Bcom final year
13 Gayatri R Bcom final year
14 Sreelakshmi O Bcom first year
15 Nandana Vinod Bcom first year
16 Barsha S BA Tamil second year
17 Leena BA Tamil second year
18 Santhi BA Tamil first year
19 Manoranjitha BA Tamil first year
Union members
1 Shalabhadas Bsc Microbilogy final year
2 Thasniba BA Functional English second year

Every female students of the college and all the female teachers are also the members.

Women cell Activity Report 2022
Program 1- Orange The World Campaign

As a part of ‘Orange the world Campaign, ICDS Chittur and Government Arts and Science College
Kozhinjampara organized a Debate Competition on 01/12/2022 from 2 pm to 4 pm in the college

College Women Cell, NSS Team and the College Union co-ordinated the program. Dr. Nisha Lekshmi P., Women
cell co-ordinator gave the Welcome address. Smt. Meenakshi Kutty, CDPO addressed the audience. Two
Teams consisting of five Members took part in the debate. Limi Lal , ICDS Supervisor was the moderator.
A team from ICDS judged the same.
The Debate team members included:

Haseena Varun Babu
Shaheem  Sree Lakshmi
Thirupathy Pavithra
Akshaya   Arya Nandha
Thasniba  Ahalya

TEAM B was declared the winner, and they won the cash prize. Team A received the Consolation
Prize. Bindu S., NSS Co-ordinator gave Vote of thanks. Ten Members of ICDS,Three Teachers and 144
students participated in the program.